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Data Services
Our Pleasure to Serve Your Ministry

Our United Methodist churches have records that contain vital information, such as demographics, contact information, and appointment histories. Our Data Services team manages those records, keeping in close contact with conferences and agencies to ensure that records are current and intact. Our data helps give a clear picture of the health and history of individual churches, conferences, and The United Methodist Church as a whole.   

Resources for Your Ministry

Data Resources

  • Data Sharing Policy

  • Understanding Data Terms for Tables I, II, & III

  • Charge Conference Forms

Current Statistics

  • Current Statistics for Local Churches

  • Top Churches by Membership & Attendance

Statistical Tables

  • Tables I, II, & III: English

  • Tables I, II, & III: Spanish

  • Tables I, II, & III: Korean

Data Resources

Ministry Resources

Statistics provide information about the big picture and help researchers see trends, which in turn aid Church leaders in making decisions.

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