Ezra is the dynamic, one-stop location for United Methodist Data. Ezra is a robust, interactive, and cost-effective data solution that uses web-based technology to be available in real time.


  • Ezra is built on one centralized, interactive database.
  • All data is in one place, feeding information to each module and eliminating duplication and minimizing errors.
  • Ezra collects all information needed for churches, including contact information, charge and district alignment, and pastor appointments.
  • With Ezra’s Leadership Module, which is customizable, leadership can be assigned and maintained at the conference, district, and church level.
  • Ezra is a customizable document storage and management solution.
  • With built in customization features, it allows users the options to add or rename roles, address types, leadership positions, people data, etc.
  • Historical information can be displayed in charts and graphs for reporting and are available for Membership and Attendance, Sunday School Attendance, and Professions of Faith, just to name a few.
  • Churches and conferences have easy access to quick exports and standard reporting features.
  • Customizable modules are available including Virtual Appointment and Apportionment modules.
  • Have access to and receive apportionment payments from local churches.


Annual conferences can customize the portal to correspond with your own statistics module. Ezra pools it all in an easy-to-use web-based portal.


Ezra For Statistics and Research

GCFA launched an online website, UMData, containing general statistical information. To access the site, visit www.umdata.org (this is the link to the public facing site of Ezra, the official database of The United Methodist Church). The IT and Data Services Departments of GCFA created this program to replace The General Minutes. The site provides up to date information on local churches, leadership, and statistics that are beneficial throughout the connection. The data on the site comes from the annual conference staffs who submit this information through their Business of the Annual Conference (BAC) and local church statistical reporting forms.

Information available at www.umdata.org provides:

  • Local church statistics as users of the site can look up individual church information on pastors, membership data, and statistical history.
  • A much quicker way to locate pastors and includes historical information on appointments. 
  • Quick Facts that give users the ability to select an annual conference and find membership by district, conference or jurisdiction as reported on the local church statistical reporting forms. 
  • Charts and graphs that provide for quick comparisons among jurisdictions, conferences, and churches.

GCFA encourages everyone to visit the site and review the information that is available. Also, when reviewing the data, please do not hesitate to contact GCFA if changes are needed. Changes and feedback may be submitted to GCFA staff through the “Contact Us” page.


Ezra Modules

The Document Sharing Module makes meeting materials available to all members of a specific group. It allows the posting of materials in real time and includes date stamping, author and versioning. Designed to be used during annual conference sessions, this module allows for the immediate posting of documents for all members to review, while limiting editing ability. All that is needed to use this Ezra module is an internet connection, a generalized log-in for members, and a shared password for public documents.

The Apportionment Module is one of the newest modules within Ezra. Annual Conferences can use the Apportionment module to bill and collect local church apportionment payments. Reporting capabilities and historical information are also available in this module to easily view apportionment participation across the conference. GCFA is reviewing the feasibility of expanding the Apportionment Module for use for pension and health benefit billing.

The Virtual Appointments Module creates a separate, “virtual” environment that allows the free manipulation of appointments without any lasting changes until the appointment has been activated. Conference Cabinets can use the Virtual Appointment Module to view local church statistics, review historical data and compare possible appointments.


For more information about this or other GCFA products and services, please feel free to contact Connectional Relations via email