This Handbook is intended to serve as a guide to the denomination’s administrative and judicial processes. Although it is intended to be generally accurate and, we hope, helpful, it is not binding. Judicial Council Decisions, bishop’s rulings, and the Discipline take precedence over any conflicting comments or interpretations in this document. This Handbook should never be cited as an authoritative source to support a particular position or viewpoint on an issue. While written broadly to cover most situations, there will be unique facts which may dictate actions not contemplated or anticipated by this Handbook. In many instances, the Discipline is written to allow flexibility and discretion in application. This Handbook is not intended in any way to restrict that discretion.

Below is the most recent edition of the Handbook. From time to time, updates and changes will be made, as needed. Before using the Handbook, this webpage should always be checked for updates. The most up to date version will always be available here. 

GCFA is grateful for the contributions made to earlier iterations of this Handbook by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry and JustPeace.

Administrative and Judicial Procedures Handbook

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