GCFA is honored to offer professional development resources to church workers.

Through the Professional Administrators of The United Methodist Connectional Structure (PAUMCS), those who support the local church, annual conference, general agency or other church entity, can become certified administrative professionals working in The United Methodist Church. Certification classes offer training in:

  • Understanding tax issues related to the Church
  • Working effectively in groups and teams
  • Ethics & confidentiality
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Church polity

…and more.


GCFA offers this training through an online course. The online course saves you the cost of travel expenses and still provides the quality training offered previously. 


Why Certification?
GCFA is required to offer the certification. But more than that, we are honored to work with a group of church workers who provide the necessary support for United Methodist church offices – whether in a local church, annual conference or agency of the Church. The class attendee and their local church or other church office benefits from continuing education offered through the certification class. Certification helps:

  • Validate existing learning
  • Achieve professional goals and improves professional experiences
  • Develop relationships with others who share the same work environment in the church
  • Enhance knowledge of the connectional United Methodist Church


Registration for the 2018 PAUMCS online certification is open. Class size is unlimited. Cost: $300.


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