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Who are we?

Christian Expedition is dedicated to bringing the Bible and church history to life on group tours around the world. We are convinced that Christian group travel has the potential to edify believers and foster and solidify bonds of Christian fellowship like little else. For more information, please visit

What do we do?

We bring groups of Christians, mostly from local churches, led by their pastor, to places of significance to our faith such as Israel, Greece and Turkey, the sites of the Continental Reformation in Germany, France, and Switzerland, as well as to sites associated with the lives of the Wesleys in the United Kingdom. We also periodically bring members of the clergy on “familiarization trips” to these and other destinations. On these trips, clergy members are enabled to travel with their colleagues for a low cost, for their own edification and enjoyment, and so that they can consider returning with a group, as a group leader.

Why travel
with us?

Our relationships with our overseas partners allow us to offer some of the best prices in the industry, and this does not come at the expense of excellent quality and service. Our trips are fully customizable, from the itinerary, to the inclusions, to the hotels. We are a full-service tour operator, and as such seek to serve group leaders every step of the way. Our design team creates promotional materials that you can use to promote the trip, our reservations team handles inquiries, reservations, and payments for travelers, and our operations team takes care of all of the technical details of the trip.

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How do I initiate a trip?

If you are interested in being a group leader?

After a brief initial conversation, during which we will get a sense of your wants and needs pertaining to the prospective trip, we will work with our partners in order to provide you with a proposal. Once this proposal is to your satisfaction and the trip is confirmed, we will send you promotional materials, and all you have to do is to start inviting people to come!

CE LOGO-01.png
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