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Data Services

Every United Methodist clergy member and every congregation in the United States has a record that contains vital information such as demographics and contact information, but also the congregation or person’s history with the Church. Data Services keeps in close contact with all annual conferences and agencies to ensure that the Church’s records are current and intact. Every day our staff update information as churches are started or closed, districts realign, and annual conferences unify together as one, and as pastors start a new appointment, move, or retire (or come out of retirement). And each year, congregations submit an annual report of participation and fiscal information (See Statistical Resources), which gives a clear picture of the health and history of the individual church, the church’s conference, and The United Methodist Church as a whole.  


  Jurisdictional Conferences (2015) Central Conferences (2013)
Total church membership 7,067,162 5,525,924
Total active churches 32,148 11,013
Total clergy membership 47,271 14,212
Average Weekly Worship Attendance 2,749,926 --
Annual Conferences 56 76
Episcopal Areas 46 20
Jurisdictions 5 7



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Research and Reports

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Statistical Resources

The Data Services department regularly updates the following reports using our annual local church statistics collected from over 32,000 churches in the United States. These often give an insight into trends... Read More

The UMC Data Sync

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