The Ministry Partner Program of the General Council on Finance and Administration was created with the vision of providing connection within the denomination. GCFA seeks to build relationships with vendors and businesses outside of the connection in an effort to provide vetted and approved services to our annual conferences and churches. Our collective group of partners serve all the areas of the United Methodist Connection as we all work together to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Partnering with the United Methodist Church and GCFA

  • General Council on Finance and Administration is the administrative and financial agency for the United Methodist Church
  • The UMC has over 12 million members and 43,000 churches globally
  • The UMC is the largest mainline Protestant denomination in the United States and third largest globally


What we accomplish with our Ministry Partners

  • Provides the United Methodist Churches, Agencies, Annual Conferences, Camps, Retreat Centers, etc. cost saving solutions and products
  • Through cost-saving solutions, the UMC can focus those savings on their ministries
  • Provides vetted and credible businesses for our audience
  • Helps our connection solve problems as they manage their churches, programs, and ministries.
  • Creates a connection within the denomination and gives our partners access to our audience

Our Audience

  • 44,000 churches access our website for required forms, as well as resources on financial, legal, and administrative matters
  • GCFA website has 21,590 average monthly pageviews
  • Our monthly newsletters have over 23,000 subscribers
  • 4700 total followers on social media

Request information – Contact our team at 615-369-2413 or email us at