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2023 Technology Updates for Your Ministry

Updated: Apr 4

Welcome 2023! Now is a great time to assess your ministry’s technology – what needs to be updated? How can you make improvements to make disciples?

The biggest change you should consider is an upgrade to Windows 11. Windows 11 was released in 2021 but has come into its own recently through updates and security patches. It features a new user interface that is more familiar to those used to working with MacOS. If you and your ministry are still using Windows 10, this is a good time to look at an upgrade.

One thing to consider with the upgrade is a possible change in hardware requirements to run Windows 11. Not sure about your hardware? Follow this link for more information and instructions on how to check for compatibility with your current hardware.

If your computer is not compatible, you will need to upgrade to continue with the install. Needing an upgrade? Look no further than UMC Support’s IT sales – we can source all your hardware needs, often at a discount. If your machine is compatible you may continue with the upgrade. In Windows 10, go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and click the Check for updates button. If Windows 11 is waiting for you, it can then be installed as an update.

But what has changed? First, user interfaces – for the better. Once you have Windows 11 installed, you will notice the layout of the start menu has changed and is in the middle of the task bar. The User Interface also has included some rounded changes and different icons. There are also a few noticeable changes that may help with your workflow.

Snap layouts will allow you to adjust the way your windows are on the screen and has six customizable options. This will create zones on the screen that the applications can reside in. This can be beneficial to utilizing multiple applications at once. Interested in this feature? Here's how to use it.

What else has changed? Security upgrades. One of the main benefits of Windows 11 is security. Windows 11 was designed with zero-trust security principles. Zero-trust is easily explained as trusting nothing and verifying everything. This helps to prevent bad actors or malicious software from having easy access to the system or data – including your ministry’s important data, like donor or employee’s personal information.

Windows 11 could be a worthwhile change for you and your ministry this year. Do you still have questions or are overwhelmed with IT options? Whether you need hardware help or need guidance on technology security, call UMC Support – your trusted Methodist technology experts.

If you need assistance with any of your technology updates or are ready for an upgrade, email us at or call us at 866-367-4232 to get started today!


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