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GCFA Announces Christian Expedition as Newest Ministry Partner

Nashville, Tennessee—The General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) is thrilled to unveil Christian Expedition as its latest Ministry Partner. With over 25 years of expertise crafting transformative travel experiences, Christian Expedition aligns seamlessly with GCFA's vision of equipping congregations with spiritual growth and community enrichment tools. This move marks a significant step in expanding innovative resources and opportunities within the Connection.  

Christian Expedition, a premier provider of group tours bringing the Bible to life at historic Christian sites worldwide, joins GCFA's esteemed ministry partners. Rooted in the belief that exploring locations imbued with biblical history deepens faith and fosters community, Christian Expedition is dedicated to bringing the Bible to life through immersive travel experiences. 

"We are delighted to welcome Christian Expedition into our Ministry Partner Program," expressed Kellie Schmeal, Relationship Director at GCFA. "Their commitment to facilitating faith-enriching travel experiences perfectly complements our mission of supporting United Methodist organizations in their ministries. Together, we look forward to empowering congregations to embark on transformative journeys that deepen their spiritual understanding and strengthen their communities."

Christian Expedition specializes in tailored group tours to destinations marked by the presence of Christ, offering worry-free travel experiences meticulously managed by expert tour guides. Each expedition is led by a pastor who provides insights into the spiritual and historical significance of the sites they visit.  

"We are honored to partner with the United Methodist Church in facilitating expeditions that bring believers closer to the heart of their faith," remarked Trey Brennan, Expedition Consultant. "Together with GCFA, we look forward to extending our reach to churches globally, inviting congregations to embark on life-changing journeys that not only enrich their faith but also forge new bonds of Christian fellowship and deepen existing ones."


For additional information on the Ministry Partner program, visit the GCFA Partner page at, or contact the Connectional Relations team at, or call 866-367-4232.


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