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GCFA Celebrates Ministry Partnership with Park Thrive

Nashville, Tennessee – The General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) is pleased to announce Park Thrive as its newest Ministry Partner, welcoming the cutting-edge platform into a collaborative denominational alliance. Established to cultivate associations with external vendors and businesses sharing aligned social principles with the United Methodist Connection, GCFA’s extensive Ministry Partner Program offers vetted services that help local churches and ministries become more efficient and create extra revenue through property solutions, discount programs, group purchasing, and more. The inclusion of Park Thrive, a dynamic parking payment and management solution, signifies a strategic move to transform underutilized parking areas into revenue-generating assets for ministries.

This addition to the Ministry Partner Program represents GCFA's commitment to fostering innovation that serves the diverse needs of the denomination. Championing effortless activation, seamless integration, and complete parking management, this pioneering platform will assist ministries in optimizing their operations while generating thriving revenue streams.

Matthew Kingsbury, Chief Operating Officer of Park Thrive, shared his enthusiasm: "Park Thrive is excited to partner with the United Methodist Church to help congregations maximize parking income from their underutilized parking lots and existing paid parking operations. Through this exclusive revenue share program, UMC congregations can earn more from their parking lots to support their invaluable work and mission."

Religious and non-profit organizations that have embraced Park Thrive have seen substantial benefits, with monthly parking revenue ranging from $800 to $20,000. Deeming any parking lot not to 100% capacity 24/7 as a wasted opportunity for the company to make the denomination money, Park Thrive is dedicated to helping churches capitalize on their unused space.

Kellie Schmeal, Relationship Director at GCFA emphasized the significance of the partnership, stating: "Our collaboration with Park Thrive highlights our dedication to equipping United Methodist organizations with the innovative tools and technology they need to flourish. By transforming underutilized parking spaces into a source of revenue, we're enhancing their capacity to serve their communities and fulfill their vital missions."

To learn more about GCFA’s ministry partnership with Park Thrive, visit or call (470) 837-2417.

For additional information on the Ministry Partner program, visit the GCFA Partner page: or contact the Connectional Relations team at or call 866-367-4232.


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