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GCFA Releases 2023 Financial Update

Updated: Feb 16

GCFA Releases 2023 Financial Update: A Journey Through the United Methodist Church's Fiscal Landscape

As anticipation of the upcoming General Conference, the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) proudly announces the "2023 Financial Update" for The United Methodist Church. This comprehensive recap offers members a passport to understanding the fiscal journey that shaped our past year.

Key Highlights Include:

1. 2023 Jurisdictional Apportionments: Gain insights into the evolution of jurisdictional apportionments.

2. General Funds Collection Rate: Explore the general funds collection efforts.

3. Central Conference Apportionments: Understand the allocation of apportionments in central conferences.

4. Annual Apportionment Collection: Learn about changes in annual apportionment collections.

5. Total Allocated Apportionments: Get a holistic view of the total apportionments allocated throughout the denomination.

"Our 2023 Financial Update is a testament to our commitment to transparency and accountability within The United Methodist Church," said Rev. Moses Kumar, General Secretary of GCFA.


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