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Streamline Your Ministry’s Finances with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Updated: Apr 4

Managing your ministry’s finances, reports, and general accounting shouldn’t be a hassle. In today’s increasingly digital and data-driven landscape, the right accounting software can make a world of difference. Microsoft Dynamics GP, previously known as Great Plains, is the ultimate solution to optimize your ministry’s profitability and make informed decisions.

Dynamics GP is a feature-rich accounting system designed to revolutionize your financial management with real-time reporting capabilities and customizable dashboards. UMC Support has an in-house IT team dedicated to providing tailored solutions to support your ministry with any aspect of the software. Their expertise and technical knowledge can be leveraged to ensure the maximum success for your ministry in the following ways:

  • Precise Installations, Implementations & Updates

Our Dynamics GP experts will ensure that all necessary software components are correctly deployed and configured via thorough testing and quality assurance. With functionality and performance of utmost importance, the team will customize your software according to your ministry’s configuring models and reporting structures.

  • Smooth Server Migrations

Church operations can be frequently disrupted due to improper data migration. UMC Support will evaluate your existing accounting system and quickly migrate your data to Dynamics GP, providing your ministry with seamless and worry-free integration.

  • Business Process Reviews

Dedicated to maximizing your Dynamics GP experience, our IT team will conduct thorough evaluations to ensure your ministry’s specific needs and goals are met, working diligently to identify and address any challenges.

  • Report Design & Data Analysis

Dynamic GP’s powerful analysis and reporting tools (SmartList and Jet Reports) provide clear visualization and intuitive reports that are critical for strategic financial management. Our in-house Data Analyst, who specializes in report design, also delivers valuable insights to drive informed decision-making within your ministry.

  • Training – Group or Individual

While prompt troubleshooting and problem-resolution solutions are always within reach, additional training is available to further familiarize you with the software’s features and functionalities Individual or group training with UMC Support will provide you with the necessary proficiency to optimize your operations.

Are you ready to take your financial management to the next level? Embrace the power of Dynamics GP and contact UMC Support today! Email or call us at 866-367-4232. Data-driven decisions await…


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