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Subsplash Expands Offerings to Churches with Subsplash One

Ministry Partner Subsplash Announces New Offerings

Nashville, Tennessee – The Connectional Relations team of the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) vets and presents to the Church ministry partners who are dedicated to aiding churches in their administrative ministries.

Subsplash, a ministry partner since 2020, works with thousands of churches on their digital engagement strategies by providing a platform and tools to help churches make disciples beyond Sundays.

Subsplash recently launched the Subsplash One platform that offers a complete ecosystem of mobile/digital options available to local churches found all in one place.

Dedicated to furthering the mission of the local church, Subsplash strives to help churches navigate the virtual/digital world connecting with the physical church. Subsplash One is a powerful all-in-one digital solution that helps churches know their people, grow disciples, and engage visitors within the community. Churches have particularly requested help in growing their digital giving resources and finding affordable ways to livestream services. Instead of trying to connect and manage multiple systems, logins and platforms, with the new and improved Subsplash One platform, churches can now combine their digital giving, websites, mobile apps, live streaming, and more, including a new partnership with The Chosen offering special exclusive media content for churches using the Subsplash platform.

Chris Sharpe, CRO for Subsplash said, “Through our partnership with GCFA, we’ve seen tens of thousands of lives impacted during this great shift in church engagement. We are finding people are as hungry as ever for the Gospel, resources to make disciples, and meaningful connection with their church, despite the new barriers that disconnection has created. It truly is exciting for us to help each UMC church take the next best step in their digital engagement strategy to reach their communities with the Gospel.”


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