Planning on Live Streaming for Easter? Check Your Copyright!

Is your ministry using music or videos during your worship? Your ministry may be at risk of legal and financial penalties if you don’t have the proper copyright licenses. The experienced staff at UMC Support can help protect your ministry from committing copyright infringement through our Copyright License Consultation Service.  

Our Copyright Services Team reviews your ministry’s usage of content that may be copyrighted; we then help your ministry identify the proper licenses based on your responses to our questionnaire. Our team can help you find licenses to cover: 

  • Streaming your worship service  
  • Using images for your website or newsletters 
  • Rehearsing music 
  • Showing video clips 
  • Utilizing podcasts 

Although the material is complex, we've tried to simplify this process. First, be sure to read all five articles below. These articles are designed to help your church or ministry make heads of tails of licenses based on the way you use copyrighted material - whether it is lyrics in a slide show in your sanctuary, via pre-recorded sermons, or on live streaming for digital worship.

We have also developed a Comprehensive Copyright Guide to ensure you have all the resources and information you need in one spot to make your ministry's online worship safe, secure, efficient, and most importantly, Spirit-filled. 

Let us help you continue to provide engaging worship experiences, with the proper legal coverage to cover your ministry. 

Still confused? We understand - it is a lot of material ... and unfortunately the stakes are high! For a small fee, you can engage our copyright services specialty team to help you figure out which license(s) are right for your ministry. If you wish to have our team work for you, simply fill out our Copyright License Questionnaire to begin the process. A valued member of our team will be in touch and get you on the road to copyright peace of mind!