Revised. Robust. Convenient. - Online Event Management Software!

Revised. Robust. Convenient.

Advancements in the GCFA Travel and Meeting Planning Department can provide you with the latest web-based event management software. 

GCFA is now using Aventri – a complete and robust event management software program.  Several event management companies were vetted and Aventri provides the capabilities that are most needed in the area of event management for The United Methodist Church.

With Aventri you can: 

  • Have access to Aventri – a powerful and dynamic on-line program with unlimited complete and partial users
  • Develop your own customizable, branded-for-you web registration for meetings of any size, or work with GCFA staff to walk you through the process
  • Track revenue and expenses beginning-to-end
  • Create and manage tasks related to the event
  • Have access to event web development in over 30 languages – making this truly an internationally capable system
  • Handle every phase of the event – from marketing to billing/invoicing
  • Collect online payments that will go directly to you
  • Upload and download registration documents associated with your event like forms or bios
  • Access event tools such as room scheduler, seating, and booth management
  • Receive extensive training on features and use of the online event management system
  • Access support from GCFA Travel and Meeting Planning and/or Aventri Support 24/7

Learn More about Aventri Online Event Management Software Today! 

Contact our Connectional Relations Team to learn more at or via phone at (866) 367-4232.