Human Resources Audit Services

GCFA’s Responsibilities

GCFA will conduct an organizational analysis, which involves gathering information regarding the performance of the conference and the factors that affect the goals. The goals of an organizational analysis is to determine the best way to view and organize a conference in order to manage it successfully and to bring about greater efficiency. During the analysis the following will be identified:

  • Conference goals
  • Conference resources
  • Conference climate
  • Environmental constraints

GCFA will determine if employees understand the goals and mission and if goals are being met and if resources (money, time, employees, training, etc.) greatly affect decisions and actions, by conducting the following items:

  • Involve employees by having them complete questionnaires.
  • Interview employees, supervisors and managers asking them specific questions about their job duties and responsibilities.
  • Compare the job to other jobs in the department as well as the job grade or job family to show where it falls on the pay scale.

A detailed report will be provided to the client after results of the questionnaire and interviews have been analyzed. The report will provide recommendations as to how to address the findings from the analysis.

For more information on human resources support please contact Caitlin Congdon, Chief Officer of Human Resources and Professional Development