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Ministry Copyright Licenses Consulting

Is your ministry using music or videos during your worship? Your ministry may be at risk of legal and financial penalties if you don’t have the proper copyright licenses. The experienced staff at UMC Support can help protect your ministry from committing copyright infringement through our Copyright License Consultation Service.

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UMC Market

If you already shop online, this is a no-brainer… let the retailers donate for you! Just sign up at, click through to over 1000's of retailers you know, love and shop. We’ll make sure your selected ministry is paid each month on your behalf.

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Maximize Your Church Property with REEF

Have unused land on your church property? REEF has partnered with the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) to turn it into something meaningful and profitable. REEF transforms open urban spaces into multi-purpose places by adding revenue-generating applications to unused real estate. Each application creates jobs and brings new goods, services, and experiences to the neighborhood, enriching the community and driving property value.