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6 Ways an Event App Helps To Save Costs

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

person using event app

Many event planners are turning to event apps to help them communicate with their attendees, execute discussions and drive analytics. But one important reason is that an event app helps save costs for the organization hosting the meeting. Here are six specific ways:

1. Eliminates printing costs (with the added bonus of being environmentally friendly!)

  • Reduces on-site signage, paper sponsorship collateral, and printed programs.

  • Surveys can go digital.

  • Errors are easy to fix. Notice an error at the last minute? Fix it and go – no reprinting or additional costs.

2. Shaves Down Hardware Requirements

  • Control your Q&A right from the app; reduces the need for awkward microphones in every room.

  • View lead generation with a built-in system.

  • No additional schedule displays; it is all in the viewers’ hands.

3. Reduces work hours through increased efficiency.

  • Cuts down time spent planning, researching, and setting up events.

  • An app’s central management platform means you can update all assets (schedules, bios, location, etc.) – all at once!

  • Make live updates at the push of a button – even last minute schedule changes.

4. Reduces Auxiliary Tech Support

  • Creates a centralized content system.

  • An app is an attendee’s multipurpose tool for wayfinding, scheduling, and networking.

  • Attendees can respond right in an app with internal messaging and surveys.

5. Informs Venue and Catering Decisions

  • Know exact numbers for break-outs, sessions, and even keynotes.

  • Pre-event surveys allow you to discover dietary and mobility restrictions with ease.

6. Prevents legal and security issues

  • Gives attendees opportunities to opt in or out of pre, during, and post-event communications.

  • Definable user permissions gives appropriate access to select components.

  • Secure log-in and security across the event app protects documents.

Using an event app is the way to launch your event with ease.


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