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Five Steps to Effective Support Staff Recruiting

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Finding qualified people for an open position on your staff is hard. Finding the RIGHT person can be more difficult. Get your staff recruiting process off to a solid start by taking care of the basics.

Step 1: Craft a Job Description

Whether you’re revising an old description or creating a new one, it is essential that you have a well-thought-out job description. A good job description lays out the essential functions of the position and helps you envision your ideal candidate. It also helps the reader get a general understanding of the expectations and qualifications needed for the position. Providing a clear vision for the role in your ministry will help improve the quality of applicants that apply. Make sure your job description does not imply biases so you make the job available to all qualified applicants.

Step 2: Post the Opening

Your goal is to have a large and diverse pool of candidates. Post the position in as many places as you’re able. Online job boards, word of mouth, and local church bulletins are all great places to post. There are also several UMC specific online job boards including on the United Methodist Church official website. Potential applicants are waiting to hear about ministry opportunities; make sure you reach them.

Step 3: Screen Potential Candidates

As you begin to hear from interested candidates your selection process can get started. Phone screenings may not be necessary for every position, but they are an excellent tool to find the most qualified candidates and to weed out those that may not be a good fit in your organization. As you identify the most qualified candidates, you can start scheduling in-person interviews.

Step 4: Conduct In-Person Interviews

You’re getting closer to identifying your top candidates. In-person interviews are the best way to get to know candidates. You’ll want to ask questions about their skills and work experiences, as well as questions that reveal whether they’ll be a good fit for your workplace culture. Professional qualifications and personality fit are essential to staff efficiency.

Step 5: Extend a Job Offer

You’re now ready to add your team member. When you’ve chosen the best person for the position, send them a job offer letter. At this point you’ll conduct any background checks that you require. Make sure the offer letter you send has a deadline and is contingent on a positive background check. After all your verifications and screenings are complete, schedule a start day and prepare for your team member.

Having the right people in the right positions will help your ministry achieve its missional goals and transform the world. If you are looking for more help with recruiting, consider taking our Recruiting 101 Course with our experienced Human Resources Team. You can also, find out more about UMC Support’s Recruiting Service by visiting our website. Contact our Connectional Relations Team today to learn more about our recruiting services from our experienced HR team.


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