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Does Your Event Need a Personalized App?

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

You’ve probably attended an event in recent years that had an event app, or planned to include an app at your event. Within the last few years, we’ve seen the shift from event apps being a ‘wow factor’ to an expectation. However, it still may not be a necessity at your particular event. So how can you decide if you need an event app? Below are 6 questions you can ask yourself to determine if you need an event app:

1. Do your attendees use smartphones/devices?

First and foremost, know if your attendees are smartphone users. If your target audience is made up of younger, tech-savvy individuals, you can safely assume that the majority (if not all) of them are using smartphones. These are the types of attendees that have come to expect an event app. These power users are already glued to their phones so it makes sense to focus their attention on your event, even if it’s through their smartphone or mobile device.

For those attendees not using smartphones, they can always access your event app through a web browser.

2. How complex is your event schedule?

Is your event spread over multiple days? Do you have several different tracks? In these instances, having an event app is extremely beneficial. It helps keep attendees organized and on top of sessions.

The My Schedule feature allows attendees to add sessions from the main schedule to their personal schedule so that they don’t miss any break out sessions they are interested in. In addition, the What’s On Now feature will display everything that is happening right at that moment. This makes it easy for attendees to plan accordingly and hit every session that is relevant to them. Without an event app, interesting sessions can easily get lost in the mix, causing attendees not to get the most out of your event.

3. How likely are things to change over the course of your event?

Every successful event planner knows that you have to expect the unexpected when planning an event. Certain factors come in to play that can make change inevitable. Weather, for example. If your event is outside and suddenly the weather takes a turn for the worst and you have to move the event inside. The best way to communicate any sort of unexpected change on the fly is through an event app. Using push notifications, you can send an alert or update to all attendees mobile devices in real-time. As long as they have your event app installed, they’ll be notified of the change.

4. How important is networking to your attendees?

We conducted a survey and found that the majority of attendees place the most importance on networking at an event. However, if you’re anything like me, networking can seem a little daunting and even scary. An event app can greatly help with this by facilitating networking.

Through the event app, attendees can connect with each other via Like Minded, a feature that matches attendees based on similarities in their Attendee Profile. In addition, there is a plethora of other networking features available in the app such as, Messaging, Contact Exchange, Quick Meetings and more.

5. How many exhibitors does your event have? Do they need lead gen?

If you have a huge exhibition hall, having an event app is a great way to assist both attendees and exhibitors. Attendees can search for specific exhibitors contact information, and links for finding their booths on an interactive floor map. This ensures that they take full advantage of breaks and spend their time visiting the exhibitor booths most valuable and relevant to them.

On the flip side, an event app also comes in handy for your exhibitors. Using a badge scanner built into the app, exhibitors can easily capture attendee details.

6. Do you need to provide attendees with documents & resources?

Many attendees appreciate additional resources at an event. For example, presentation slides, speaker notes, guides, eBooks and other supporting documents speakers use in their presentations. This ensures attendees get the most education out of your event as possible, and are able to bring key takeaways back to the office immediately. You can use your event app to distribute these resources, and attendees can conveniently save any resource they like to their phone using the My Briefcase feature.

We hope this article, written by our partners at Quickmobile have helped answered your questions around your need an event app at your next meeting, conference, or event. If you would like a demonstration, have more questions, or are interested in our mobile event app UMC Meet - personalized to your meeting - email our Connectional Relations Team at or call (866) 367-4232 today. We’re here and happy to help with all of your event needs, including comprehensive meeting planning, online registration software, and more!


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