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Five Stats Every Venue and Event Planner Should Keep in Mind

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Recently multiple organizations have released interesting survey results based on opinions of professional meeting planners. If you are in charge of event planning for your organization, church, or a venue hosting meetings or events, read up on the latest trends.[i]

  1. 95.7% of event professionals believe venues need to invest more in technology for groups and meetings. In today’s connected world, even venues that promise a “back-to-basics” atmosphere need to supply a baseline of technology to meet the needs of events. Technology also helps a venue streamline its event management, including payment tracking and accessibility of venue representatives and event coordinators beyond email. WIFI is no longer a luxury but a necessity, even in remote venues. With enhanced environmental consciousness and smaller budgets, the use of paper is becoming obsolete. Assessing the technology capabilities and budgeting for technology and audio-visual investments is now a prerequisite for any venue wanting to host meetings or events.

  2. 95.2% of event professionals understand event emails to attendees could be better. In the flood of emails people receive every day - even with specialized streams of “primary,” “social,” and “promotions” - all attendees need emails from their registered events which stand out and capture their attention. A flood of emails may not get the information that is needed by event managers and venue coordinators, but carefully crafted and branded emails just might. Personalized emails are now the norm. They must be personable as well. How can attendees begin to interact with one another before arriving at the venue? How can an event begin engaging attendees the moment someone registers?

  3. 96% of planners and venue professionals surveyed report events are expected to be more personalized than ever before. Event attendees want something beyond the traditional meeting or event. They want to be able to choose personalized options that engage them at multiple levels of interest and attention. Meeting planners are now experience creators.

  4. 92.3% of planners and property professionals believe events are more likely not to be booked at a hotel than five years ago. To create more authentic, local, and personalized experiences for events and meetings, planning professionals are considering venues outside the usual hotel or resort. If a venue, traditional or non-traditional, can help create a personalized experience, the wider its customer base.

  5. 72.5% of event professionals believe a venue’s check-in process for groups arriving need to be improved. In service industries, immediacy is a precondition to making a good first impression. People hate standing in lines. Private group and digital check-ins can be helpful. Can a venue’s technology meet the needs of an event and its attendees efficiently?

GCFA’s Travel and Meeting Planning experts can help you plan an event for fifteen or thousands. Using the latest technologies and building on decades of experiences, our meeting planners are creative, efficient, and cost-effective.

Our team also offers online event registration services with Aventri, a cutting-edge event management vendor, as well as an attendee event app, called UMC Meet.

Let GCFA show you how we can transform your conference or meeting into an easily manageable event for you as well as a convenient and informative experience for your attendees.

Contact our Connectional Relations Team to learn more at or via phone at (866) 367-4232.


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