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Five Tips to Protect Your Ministry from Ransomware

Updated: Apr 4

Cyberattacks are an ever present danger for anyone that has access to the internet. Ransomware attacks have become the top choice of hackers, famously causing the Colonial Pipeline shutdown earlier this year. UMC Support’s IT Services team wants to help your ministry avoid a costly and time-consuming ransomware attack.

Tips #1: Train your employees. Your employees and volunteers are your first line of defense against cyberattacks. They are also often unknowingly the entry point for various types of malicious software. As the tactics of hackers change and evolve, you’ll need to constantly train your staff to recognize and avoid suspicious content.

Tip #2: Create straightforward cybersecurity policies. Developing a set of rules and guidelines for internet use at your ministry can help you reduce the opportunities for security threats. Also, you can clearly outline a plan of action should you fall victim to a cyberattack. Consult with a cybersecurity professional to discuss developing your cybersecurity policies and guidelines.

Tip #3: Keep software up to date. Keeping your software up-to-date is one of the most effective tools in your fight against a cyberattack. Software updates often include patches that will aid in your cybersecurity efforts. This also includes mobile phone updates and patches as well. Hackers will use any point of entry available to get your ministry’s data.

Tip #4: Back up your data. Daily backups will help your ministry recover from a cybersecurity attack. You should consider using data protections or a back up tool to schedule these tasks and prevent data loss. You can also find a service provider to help manage the backups and your data storage.

Tip #5: Control access to computers. Limiting access to your ministry’s computers and other electronic devices will help reduce the opportunity for someone to either take information or make a mistake and expose your data to cybercriminals. Make sure your support staff have strong and secure passwords. Also restrict the admin privileges on your laptops and desktops to trusted staff or trained professionals.

Protecting your ministry from a cybersecurity attack is the responsibility of you and your ministry team. UMC Support’s IT Services team can help you spend less time worrying about data security or restoration with our Worry-Free IT package. Contact our Connectional Relations team at to learn how we can help protect your ministry today!


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