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GCFA Unveils "Journey of a Dollar" Video to Promote Understanding of Denominational Funding

GCFA Data Driven Discernment Video

Nashville, Tennessee – The General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) continues its commitment to empower members and delegates of The United Methodist Church with pertinent legal and financial information in preparation for the upcoming General Conference with the release of its latest video, "UMC: Journey of a Dollar." This video, part of the ongoing "Data-Driven Discernment: Charting Hope at General Conference" campaign, sheds light on the intricate path a dollar takes once it enters the offering plate, demystifying how it funds essential ministries within The United Methodist Church.

Building on the success of the initial video, "Strengthening the Episcopal Fund," the "Journey of a Dollar" installment aims to provide transparency and understanding regarding the financial journey of contributions. This resource is a vital component of GCFA's broader initiative to foster financial stewardship, enhance awareness of legal implications, and encourage data-backed decision-making in preparation for the upcoming General Conference.

"We recognize the importance of fostering financial understanding within our United Methodist community. 'Journey of a Dollar' takes our members on a visual exploration, unraveling the mysteries of how their contributions make a meaningful impact on the ministries we hold dear," stated Rev. Moses Kumar, General Secretary of GCFA. "This video is a crucial step in equipping our delegates and members with the knowledge they need for informed decision-making."

For more information about the "Data-Driven Discernment" campaign and to access the latest video, please visit


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