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How to Work from Home Like a Boss

Updated: Apr 4

5 Tips to Achieve the Ultimate Home Office – Including Important Tech Tips

Remote work is now more popular than ever - allowing millions of Americans to achieve a healthy work-life balance, increase their productivity, and finally ditch commuting (thanks Covid!). While the advantages are bountiful, it is important to note that remote work is not for everyone. Creating a clear delineation between “work” and “home” and obtaining the proper equipment is essential to working effectively and efficiently. Whether you’re creating your very first home office, or considering revamping your current set-up, check out these tips and tricks to achieving WFH success!

1. Location, Location, Location

A well-placed home office creates a conducive work environment, instantly propelling you towards productivity and success. Carefully evaluate your options and select a quiet area free of distractions, like indoor foot traffic and outdoor traffic noise. If spare rooms are not available, you could consider transforming an area in your bedroom, the dining area, or even a large closet.

2. Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wi-Fi

Poor internet connection not only negatively impacts the quality of your audio and video calls, but also your ability to download and upload work files. If your current internet signal is not strong enough, we have solutions!

Often, you can contact your internet service provider and request extender devices to improve the range of your network. If this is not available, you can always obtain the devices yourself. Another option is to purchase eero by Amazon, a new wireless network that utilizes mesh technology and can be scaled to fit your home using wireless extender modules (or even one of Amazon’s Alexa devices!) Remember, speedy and reliable internet is key to achieve maximum productivity.

  • Guard the Home Galaxy

Your organization spends a significant number of resources ensuring that the communication on their on-site network is protected from external threats. Unfortunately, this level of protection does not always follow you home, so be sure to consider the following:

  • Ethernet Encryption

Your wireless networks at home should always be protected by encryption and require a password to connect. If possible, obtain two available connections so that your work computer is not connected to the same wireless network as the rest of your devices.

Additionally, while remote work provides opportunities to work virtually anywhere, you must keep in mind that new locations come with new risks that must be identified and evaluated before you access your organization’s data. Please be vigilant the next time you decide to work out of a coffee shop or in your local park by using a virtual private network, also known as a VPN.

  • Laptop Lockdown

While your pet cat will not be selling company secrets, they may accidentally delete the important folder of spreadsheets on your desktop. Be sure to lock your screen anytime you walk away from your computer.

  • Password Protection

Although we’re more likely to trust sticky notes with passwords in our home because the threat feels lower, it should still not be done. Instead, you can use a free password manager for all your work systems to ensure that your credentials remain private.

3. Let There Be Light

The next step to positioning yourself for ultimate success is physically positioning yourself in your new workspace. The most ideal lighting is natural lighting, so sit facing a window whenever possible. If there aren’t any windows available, you can purchase a desk lamp or ring light.

Tip: always avoid sitting with windows directly behind you, as inconveniently placed windows can make it difficult to see you on video calls.

5. Our Top Ten Equipment Essentials

If you’re looking for another reason to get on Amazon, we’ve got TEN:

Since you will be spending a considerable amount of time in your new home office, be sure to prioritize your comfort as much as possible and don’t forget to make it personal with your favorite selection of family photos!


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