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Onboarding Virtual New Hires

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

2020 taught us many things. Chief among them is that many of the jobs we once thought could only be done in office can be done successfully in a virtual setting. Many organizations have been able to allow most, if not all, employees to work from home for the past year. During this time, organizations have begun working through many of the challenges that come with such a sudden and abrupt shift in daily routines.

One thing learned is while parts of our daily lives seemed to be put on hold, so many work-related things carried on as usual. While our ministries may look different than they did a year ago, we still find ourselves dealing with the realities of running an organization. One of these realities is the ongoing need to hire new staff. Working from home created a new set of issues for hiring employees. How do you onboard a new employee and help them feel part of your community when they are working from home?

There are several ways you can help a virtual new hire feel connected to your ministry and get them set up for success right from the start. Here are a few things to include when virtually onboarding a new hire:

  1. Make sure new hires have all the IT equipment they need and are familiar with the programs they’ll be using. This includes company email, video conferencing, VPN logins, etc.

  2. Be able to fill out HR paperwork digitally. A lot of an employee’s first day is filling out paperwork for HR. E-signature tools allow for many of these documents to be completed electronically. Don’t forget to send new hires a digital copy of your employee handbook as well.

  3. Bring them in to your ministry. Look for ways to help new hires understand and feel part of your workplace culture. Set up meetings with key employees. Provide them with literature and brochures on your mission and vision. Make sure they’re invited to any virtual team-building activities.

People still rely on our ministries for the help and comfort they provide, perhaps now more than ever. In order to continue to provide these services, we need to ensure that our employees, especially our new hires, are engaged and connected to the community in which they work. Our Human Resources team can help United Methodist agency’s annual conferences, and large organizations find qualified applicants for your vacant positions. Contact our Connectional Relations team today to get a free Staff Recruiting Consultation with our experienced professionals.


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