Website Building Services

Your website can help inform your members, supporters, and most of all your community about your vibrant and engaging ministry. Your audience should be able to use your website to answer their essential questions, find information on volunteer opportunities, donate, and engage with your ministry. Building your website on an easy-to-use platform will help your organization maintain an effective ministry tool as you impact your community. 

The GCFA award-winning Communications and Marketing department can help you create a website that authentically represents your ministry. We can customize a site to your ministry, with various eGiving options, calls-to-action, service information, and even a customized job board as needed. With your help, UMC Support is able to:  

  • Create an engaging and visually pleasing website 
  • Connect your other digital assets (social media, newsletters, etc.) 
  • Optimize SEO and keywords for your website 
  • Train your ministry support team 

Make sure your ministry has a digital home that is authentic to your ministry. Let us help your ministry build a solid digital foundation. For more information, contact Connectional Relations at (866) 367-4232 or at