UMC Meet Mobile Event App

GCFA’s Department of Travel and Meeting Planning is proud to present an exciting new offering, UMC Meet. UMC Meet, powered by QuickMobile, is an award-winning mobile event app for any large conference or meeting that electronically offers schedules, speaker bios, analytics, and more. Best of all, this event app works in conjunction with Aventri, GCFA’s online event registration program.  Take the hassle out of making packets, communicating onsite logistics to your attendees, and compiling paper feedback. UMC Meet has a number of options to maximize your attendees' experience:

  • CREATE! Each app will be tailored to your event and your event goals. Set up functions like vendor profiles, attendee feedback, and live Q&A.
  • INFORM! UMC Meet is your most direct communication channel. There are multiple ways to get information to attendees – notifications, a newsfeed, and direct messaging.
  • ENGAGE! GCFA’s mobile event app enables you to engage each attendee on a personal level. You can drive social media engagement and react real-time to your audience’s needs.
  • PROMOTE! Our premiere event app creates numerous ways for sponsors and exhibitors to reach attendees, ranging from ad space to promotional content.
  • ANALYZE! UMC Meet has built-in analytics and tracking to help measure success. Take advantage of live-reporting to respond to attendees in real-time and access deeper insights post-event to help make data-backed decisions for the future.

Let GCFA show you how we can transform your conference or meeting into an easily manageable event for you and a convenient and informative experience for your attendees. 

Contact our Connectional Relations Team to learn more at or via phone at (866) 367-4232.