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Full Service HR Solutions for Your Ministry

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As a religious organization, your ministry has specific needs, especially when it comes to building a staff and work environment that are Christ-like and Spirit-led.

While it’s important to make your ministry’s human resources experience efficient and productive, the process can easily become overwhelming. UMC Support’s Human Resources Department is here to help and has the resources you need to stay on track!

Our team of dedicated professionals provides HR General Support specific to United Methodist contexts, including:

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Providing Advice on HR Best Practices (e.g., virtual onboarding, job descriptions, employee manuals, etc.)

Conducting Research on Employee Satisfaction and Workplace Efficiency

Assessing Current Standards and Labor Law Compliance

Let’s Start Working Together!

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Highly Recommend

I highly recommend what the GCFA Human Resources Department offers without reservation.
Bishop Jeremiah Park


Full Service HR
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