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2023 Treasurers' Training

Data Services

Episcopal Services


Marketing and Communications



Travel and Meeting Planning

United Methodist Insurance

Information Technology

Human Resources

Ministry Partners

UMC Support Services

GCFA Resources



  • The Buck Stops Here by Mary Logan

  • The Little Book of Boards by Erik Hanberg

  • Ministry and Money – A Practical Guide for Pastors by Janet T. Jamieson & Philip D. Jamieson

  • Nonprofit Finance: A Practical Guide for Controllers, CFOs and Board Members by Sheila Shanaker, CPA

  • The Giant Hairball by Gordon MacKenzie

Listservs (Google groups)

  • UMC-Treasurer Groups – To be added, contact Christine Dodson

  • Association of United Methodist Conference Pension and Benefits Officers (AUMCPBO) – To be added, contact Paul Fernandez


Online Resources

Magazine subscriptions


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