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GCFA Releases Proposed 2025 – 2028 Budget Video

The General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) announces the release of the latest video in its Data-Driven Discernment campaign, entitled “Understanding the Proposed 2025 -2028 UMC Budget.” Delivering crucial updates on the denomination's financial landscape as The United Methodist Church prepares for the upcoming General Conference, this video serves as a informative resource for delegates as they ponder how to fund and allocate ministry over the next four years.

This video provides a comprehensive exploration of the denominational budget, encompassing allocations to the seven apportioned funds essential to sustaining the church's diverse initiatives: Africa University, Black College Fund, Episcopal Fund, General Administration Fund, Interdenominational Cooperation Fund, Ministerial Education Fund, and World Service Fund.

Key highlights from the video include:

  • Proposed budget figures for the Jurisdictional and Central Conferences, reflecting a 43% reduction in the Jurisdictional budget and a 10% reduction in the Central Conference budget compared to the 2016 budget.

  • Detailed breakdowns of each apportioned fund, offering insights into proposed funding amounts and percentage changes from previous quadrennia.

  • Insights into the decision-making process behind budget allocations, considering factors such as trends in giving, disaffiliation, and economic indicators.

In the video, GCFA General Secretary Rev. Moses Kumar acknowledges the collaborative effort and prayerful consideration that went into crafting the budget, highlighting the collective dedication to advancing the Kingdom of God. Chief Communications Office Brandy Bivens emphasizes the importance of realistic budget forecasting to ensure responsible stewardship of the church's resources.

For more information and to view “Understanding the 2025 – 2028 UMC Proposed Budget,” please visit

You may view other items in the Data-Driven Discernment series, including Strengthening the Episcopal Fund, Understanding the Budget Process, and the Journey of a Dollar by visiting


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